I make paintings.
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
And I’m working on developing my site to include more information than this.

The galleries linked above and this blog are new and under development.

Looking forward;

  • more galleries of work,
  • curatorial projects & collaborations,
  • essays & criticism,
  • bio & cv, to go along with that more detailed “about” page.
  • press like this.

Until then, feel free to contact me.

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& soon…

Michael Davidson painting

… asking some different types of questions.

Annual Open Studio

A few random images of my studio from the annual Open Studio party. We estimated about 500 visitors this year. (These pics were shot early and late in the evening, so the crowd isn’t apparent!)

The studio looked great, the work showed well. Lots of positive response to the most recent body of work. A few sales.
Very pleased, I immediately went to work on some new canvases, follow up studio visits, and planning my next exhibit.

Michael Davidson drawing

in the drawings gallery- a few new ones

small sketchbook drawings; hardwood frame, archival hinge and float mounted, archival matte, plex (for shipping)

$275 plus shipping.
If local, contact to make a studio visit.

Open Studio- Nut Factory Building

This is our 6th annual party at the Nut Factory Building- Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Last year I exhibited a beautiful little Albert Oehlen drawing from my own collection, screened some early Wegman videos and “Decasia“, a gorgeous film by Bill Morrison. I loved the pairings, which included an old favorite work of my own.

This year I’ll be showing 4 recent paintings, and a suite of sketchbook drawings. Everyone is welcome, see you there.
3720 N. Fratney St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



God Orange

Michael Davidson painting


Michael Davidson drawing



untitled sketchbook drawing

Michael Davidson drawing


Michael Davidson artist studio

The nature of nature

Michael Davidson painting

work in progress

Yes, if you stumbled here, I am shaping this sliver of chaos into an online presence for my work and ideas.
Portfolios will be viewable first, the small selection up now will be expanded. Simple bio and contact information soon after.
New work is emerging and will be posted to galleries. Besides new paintings and drawings, these will include photographs and objects I’m creating
Then writing- original essays and criticism on a variety of topics and ideas.

Mulling over:

  • exhibit reviews
  • Belief – Roger Vander Weden
  • On Passionate Doubt; German Men & American Women
  • Vija Celmins- America’s Luc Tuymans
  • The 4th Way- Steven Holl and the Nelson Atkins Museum addition
  • Found- “embarrassingly parallel”, James Castle’s “Facts”, Bas Van Ader

My plan is for this site to expand to active collaborations and other creative projects.